How do I transfer accounts from another server to my Master reseller/reseller hosting?

According to AapKaHost Solutions' privacy policy, none of the AapKaHost Solutions's employee will login to another server other than AapKaHost Solutions's network. For that reason, we won't directly copy accounts from another server to ours until our management allows a support tech to do this in special circumtances. So, in this type of situation, if you want to move your accounts from another reseller/master reseller/cpanel server to ours, you need to simply login to each cpanel account of your other server and generate the full backups in a remote FTP server. Use any of the FTP username in our server to generate all the backups. If you are generating your reseller account backups, you can simply keep generating the backups as on the cpanel full backups all the permissions are automatically stored and they will automatically get restored once we run the restore commands. Once you are done in generating backups, simply contact our support department to restore the backups with your FTP username and password.


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